Increasing Support Capacity with Simple Steps

A few weeks ago I wrote about increasing overall support satisfaction. With a rapidly increasing number of daily active users, we also get more support tickets per support agent. Our focus last month was to significantly increase the overall capacity of each support agent.

With another month behind us and the month’s overall support analytics available, it was nice to see that our strategy was working. Read to see how we increased our support throughput with simple actions!

We achieved significant support throughput increase with better training and tools

We achieved significant support throughput increase with better training and tools for our support agents.

Increase support throughput with better staff training

We held training sessions for support personnel on the trickiest issues at the end of every week. This allowed all of our agents to be able to be more autonomous as they learned from tricky issues. Furthermore, as new knowledge base articles were written, the issues related to them could be issued faster (the steps were already defined there!). If the customer wasn’t able to find the correct article, our support agents sure did. 🙂

The end result was that our one-touch resolution rate (i.e. tickets handled by only one support agent) almost doubled compared to the month before. Sure, we still got some ways to go before achieving our target of being better than 95% of companies using Zendesk, but were already 4/5 there!

Increase support throughput with better internal tools

Another improvement for the month was the rollout for better internal tools for our support agents to investigate and fix customer issues. Sniffie tech team introduced multiple useful tools for support agent usage allowing faster. This lead to our agents being able to identify core issues faster.

All this lead to them relaying accurate information to Sniffie tech team, who then was able to fix issues faster. In addition, many issues that previously required Sniffie tech intervention could be fully resolved by the support staff. Thus the overall ticket resolving times almost halved!

Anyways, that’s all for today. Sometime in the near future our public website and blog will receive their facelift. We have also updated our mascot, which will be revealed with the facelift’s roll to production. Those who visited our housewarming party early March may have an idea what our mascot is going to look like. 🙂

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