A Notice to Update Pre-0.7 Sniffs by 1 January, 2019

Hello everyone,

As we at Sniffie are preparing for v1.0 release, we will phase out all pre-0.7 Sniffs in January 2019. Sniffie v0.7 has been out for 6 months now. This is the last time sniffs will be phased out, since the 0.7+ data structure is fully modular for future proofing.

We will release a few of these notices this year and we will also contact each user with pre-0.7 sniffs by September 2018. The sniff version number will be visible in your data sources this Friday.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are unable to update the sniffs yourself, just leave a ticket for Sniffie support and Sniffie data team will perform the update for you.

the Sniffie team

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