Sniffie June 2018 Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

Here are next month’s summer patch notes for your consideration.

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Sniffie service

  • Added the ability to limit the maximum amount of billed products. This makes sure your Sniffie bill will not increase unless the account owner increases the cap.
  • Added the ability to hide / show products in the price matrix that only appear in your store (or vice versa).

Sniffie extension

  • Added the ability for an advanced customization of the extraction with the new refine mode. The mode allows the use of xPath / CSS selectors in building the Sniffie table.
  • Dynamic click records are now possible.
  • The extension icon will change to the new Sniffie icon (to be unveiled very soon)
  • This version is now the Sniffie extension v1.0 release candidate 2.

Sniffie Backend

  • Refined dynamic serialization. Now Sniffie will actually look for product card changes instead of only URL changes whilst determining if dynamic serialization should continue.
  • Added product image vision AI, allowing for better matches.

Best regards,
Sniffie team