What price for a better world?

Software is eating the world. That was the famous statement that Marc Andeersen made in his famous essay “Why software is eating the world?” (2011)  predicting the power of software and its value.

The cloud came to disrupt the way things are done on the internet and this has revolutionized how people purchase software leading to the birth of SaaS or Software as a service.

As it seems to be that the internet, one more time is changing the way the world does business and help us get better. Of course, the internet has a lot to work on especially with the latest Facebook updates and series of challenges but essentially the internet comes to help us improve our way of doing things and the overall aim is to build a better future.

The world has been working hard to build the promised better future and of course, we´ve had bumps and humps on the road. That’s normal when you are heading to a better place but maybe the only question that we have to ask ourselves is “What price are we willing to pay for a better world?”

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